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Blood Donation Camp


Blood donation camp was organised at Konkan Gyanpeeth Rahul Dharkar College of Pharmacy and research institute, Karjat in association with Arpan Blood Bank, Kalyan on 25Th January 2016. The Programme was inaugurated by Mr. Rajabhau Kothari, Mr. Vijay Mande LMC member, Konkan gyanpeethTrust, Dr.Mukesh Shah, Administrater, Arpan Blood bank, Kaylan , Dr. Mohan Kale, Principal. Mr. BabanThawkar, Assistant Professor had anchored the Programme. Mr. Rajabhau Kothari nicely explained the importance of Blood donation. He told the crowd that we could save the 4 persons by donating blood once. He has organised 300 blood donation camp and has donated blood 96 times till date. Mr .Vijay Mande has urged the need of blood donation by quoting several examples. Dr .Mukesh Shah explained eligibility criteria and process for donation of blood. Dr. M K Kale told the volunteers to donate blood and and be social and helpful to the community. He appreciated the students and staff for their participation. Several faculty members and students of the college, girls students 57 volunteers donated blood. The event was very much successful.

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