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Konkan Gyanpeeth Rahul Dharkar College of Pharmacy and Research Institute, Karjat had organized NATIONAL LEVEL  SEMINAR AND POSTER COMPETITION  on “Pharmaceutical  micro vision & trouble shooting, innovation in skin and hair treatment” on 24 th September apart of world Pharmacict Day. Mr. Rahul Phate, Director Rahul Phate Innovation, Nashik, Prof. Vinayak Sarode, Freelancer, Pharma Technocommercial ,Troubleshooter-Consultant, Pune  and Mr. Ajit Deshpande ,Head Pharma Strategy & BD, A.D.A.M, Mumbai were eminent speaker for this seminar. The program was inaugurated by all dignitaries by Deep Prajwalan and Saarspatipujan. Dr. Mohan Kale Principal of KGRDCP & RI welcomed all guest and gave brief introduction about the college and seminar. The seminar organized by the college was really an eye opener for the habits and practices being followed in pharma and cosmetics industry.

Mr. Rahul Phate addressed the gathering about “current scenario in Cosmeceutical” and spoke on the MYTHS and realities of skin care and herbal maintenance and advised the students to learn and think about Cosmeceutical and create own cosmetics brand in India. He explains about Indian requirements rather than believing on western treatments. He also explained about objectives of Cosmeceutical, reasons for aging and wrinkle, importance of melanin in human body, comparisons between Europeans and Indians cosmetics, use of moisture, how to apply  shampoo, difference between sensicure and volumecure shapoo. He told about role of pharmacist in Ayurveda, problems in separation  extract of plant, importance of melanin in aging. He said beauty and health are opposite to each other in case of skin fairness in India, because of melanin being photoprotectant more in Indian skin. He emphasized that many Cosmeceutical formulations does  not qualify standards even though they are used widely.

 Prof. Vinayak Sarode delivered a seminar on necessity of “Good Micro Vision & Troubleshooting, in pharmacy industries. In this seminar, he had discussed about Rosenthen effect, concepts of psycobehavioural aspects, Qualities of pharmacists, market and money relationship in industry, operational problems and its solution. Pharmasicst is a super human who turn bunch of chemicals in to life saving medicines. He insisted in documentation and explain some case studies. He Stress the need of job specific training. He motivated students to join parliaments for better future of pharmacists.

Mr. Ajit Deshpande briefed about Pharmacy Career, New Avenues, Opportunities in marketing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Academics as well as general perceptions of pharmacists. He asked students to understand personal skills, Like and dislikes, habits, passion and inners skills and request student to select career based upon in his own skill, strength and happiness. He narrated students basic of which currier selection to be done for progressive profession rather than scolding. One should not run with the majority while selecting career. He presented talk with examples and video clipping. He also insisted about  Medical Tourism. His style of lucid way of convincing was remarkable.

Mr. Ashwin Kotamkar,  Mrs.Nilesh Gorade, Ms.Kirtibala Pawar were convenor for this event.  More than 150 students from different colleges had participated in national level seminar and poster competition. The topics for poster presentation was pharmacy practice, community pharmacist, Pharmacovigillance, Regulatory affair, standardization of herbal products. All posters were evaluated by dignitaries. The poster competition held on this occasion was  won by Tapsaya and group first prize from NIIMMS, Mumbai and  Mihir Lukhe and group from K.G.R.D.C.P.& R.I secured second prize. All teaching and non teaching staff made this event successful.


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